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ZL-SJ Ultra-thin Diamond Wire Saw For Crystal Ceramic

Application:Granite and Marble Block Cutting    

Type:Vacuum Brazed   

Beads Per Meter:43    

Cutting Life Tim


ZL-SJ Diamond Wire Saw
Our diamond wire saw is global innovated PCT patented product. It reduces the utility cost and increases the yield of precious stone. Mainly used for cutting of hard materials, and nonferrous metals, such as precious granite, marble, glass, crystal etc.


1) Diamond Wire Saw is one of the advanced tools for quarrying,block squaring & profiling and cutting, also can be used for concrete.


2) Compared with traditional way,quarrying by diamond wire saw has the advantages of high efficiency,less waste of material,safety,low noice,but also easy and convinent for use.


3) Our diamond wire saw have 5 years experienced and have a good test in Russian, Brazil, Sweden and USA,


4) Provide our clients the good quality product and after-sale service is our responsibility.

Brazed Diamond Wire saw for marble, jade,precious stone cutting and nonferrous metal. The diameter is only 3.4mm. We also have smaller 2.0mm wire saw and is invented by our company. The advantage of our wire saw is the smaller cutting seam, which only half of normal wire saw.Comparing with 8.5mm diamond wire saw on marble cutting, it is less consumption, less waste, and 30% more yield with about the same cutting speed. it is for cutting marble and other precious material. it can have low waste and more yield. so it is more economy tools for your cutting.

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